CentrePlace Pavilion

Building Construction

CentrePlace Manitoba, a 2,560-square-foot pavilion located at LiveCity Vancouver Downtown, evokes a sense of Manitoba’s seamless diversity – from our sculpted landforms, lakes and rivers to our vibrant urban centres.
It is a sustainable building proudly created with Manitoba products and technology, and designed to the highest green standards.

The pavilion features a striking recyclable and translucent curved outer wall, organically shaped and housed within linear planes of reclaimed elm woodwork. The semi-transparent façade, brought to life through vibrant mural projections, creates immediate interest by offering an intriguing glimpse of the exhibit within.

The panels allow a tremendous amount of natural light to enter the building. They are also 100% recyclable, and once dismantled, can be used for future building projects.
Visit our blog for photos of CentrePlace Manitoba under construction.
Building designers and contractors:
Cibinel Architects
Bill Williams and Associates (lighting)
EPP Sipeman Engineering
Wolfrom Engineering
Dominion Construction