CentrePlace Pavilion

Creative Elements


CentrePlace Manitoba reflects the friendly and welcoming nature of Manitoba and its people, embodies the dynamism and energy of our province, and reinforces our position as an important centre for culture and trade in the global community.

Exterior Mural Projections

A dramatic and arresting approach to the exterior wall transforms the pavilion’s translucent exterior into a giant, moving mural. Moving images depict stories of two iconic Manitoba animals: the polar bear and the bison. The polar bear is inspired by Inuit art to celebrate Manitoba’s northern and Inuit communities, while the bison is stylized after the province's unique brand symbol. The two exterior projections are timed to the movement of the interior rotating video system. The bears meet in the Arctic while the video is being played, and the bison roam when the rotating device moves.

Interior Exhibit Area Murals

The circular interior space connects visitors to the continuous cycle and flow of our seasons and some of the best Manitoba has to offer in sport/recreation, nature/environment, culture/celebration and economy/innovation.

Four distinct interior murals reflecting the seasonal theme surround the entire curved wall, and flow to form one complete 360º visual.


Promoting our world-class winter Olympians, mighty polar bears, brilliant world-renowned northern lights, Festival Du Voyageur and our thriving technology sector.


Highlighting our renewable water power, the spring bloom, green golf courses, Manitoba’s iconic Golden Boy, and our historic heritage architecture.


Featuring imagery and content representing our bright sunny skies, pristine lakes, passion for festival culture and the arts, professional sports and health-care innovation.


Showcasing our limitless wind power, bountiful agricultural harvest, professional sports and a celebration of Aboriginal culture.

Multiscreen Rotating Video System

A stunning interior aspect of the pavilion is the bank of 36 large video screens mounted on four rotating arms secured to a central pillar.

The structure creates four quadrants of nine, 42 inch screens each showing a series of four, three-minute video segments and featuring a distinct seasonal theme and dynamic multi-screen transitions. Each screen can project a repeated image, feature a different image, or transition to one panoramic image that spans across all screens. This gives visitors a fresh perspective and new experience each time the videos run.

When a video segment ends, the overhead screens rotate counter-clockwise, symbolizing the change of season and beginning of the next video segment, while inviting visitors to explore the next area of the exhibit.

Video Content

Through a tremendously choreographed multi-screen presentation, and a soundtrack orchestrated and performed by Manitoba musicians, visitors are transported to Manitoba.

Four, three-minute video segments give visitors a dynamic sense of what it's like to live in the heart of the country, showcasing the urban and rural experiences, activities, environment, innovations and people that make Manitoba such a unique province.

The videos, themed by spring, summer, winter and fall, all feature related imagery representing sport, culture and our natural environment, as well as Manitoba economic, business and innovation highlights.

Interactive Touchscreens

What makes Manitoba unique – in the country, the continent and in the eyes of the world?

At the centre of the pavilion, eight interactive touchscreens featuring a choice of eight virtual hosts invite visitors to discover unique facts, insights and highlights about our amazing province. Visitors can explore any or all of the four key content areas: sports for all seasons, culture and celebration, nature and environment, or inspiring innovations. Within minutes, visitors are introduced to some of Manitoba’s most compelling attributes, and get a glimpse into what makes our province an incredible place to visit, move to and invest in.