About Manitoba

Sports for All Seasons

From world-class athletics to amateur sports, junior hockey to professional football, there's a place for everyone to play in every season.



1. The world’s fastest

Champion speed skater Cindy Klassen from Winnipeg holds three world records. She’s the first Canadian athlete to win five medals in one Olympic Games.

Manitoban Clara Hughes is the only athlete in history to win multiple medals in both the Winter (speed skating) and Summer Olympics (cycling).

Fifteen Manitoba Olympians and dozens of national and international competitors have trained at our outdoor skating oval at Sargent Park. Yes, they train outside through our long prairie winters!

2. Not a fish tale

With 10,000 trophy-sized catches every year, world-class fishing is abundant for bass, brook trout, lake trout, northern pike, walleye and catfish.

The largest sturgeon on record was caught here. It was a whopping three metres and 400 pounds.

We’re also a major world producer of prized golden caviar, and the only place in the world with goldeye fish, which are like small, freshwater salmon–yum!

3. Absolutely cool

Active families are in their element here in winter. You can:

    • Skate the world’s longest natural frozen river trail.

    • Take pride as your kids excel in our phenomenal hockey programs.

    • Slide into our renowned curling culture, Manitoba’s top participatory sport.

4. The Ways We Play

On fields for soccer, ultimate frisbee, baseball and cricket. But also:

    • On wheels at Canada’s largest urban skatepark. It was skated – and praised – by Tony Hawk himself.

    • In the water to windsurf one the world’s largest freshwater lakes, Lake Winnipeg.

    • On trails like the Mantario for a four-day hike and camp.

5. The fast track to fame

    • Billy Mosienko, a Winnipeg hockey player, had the fastest hat-trick in NHL history. The right-wing for the Chicago Blackhawks scored three goals in 21 seconds against the New York Rangers in 1952. That record has yet to be broken.

    • In 1995, The University of Winnipeg Wesmen women's basketball team won an incredible 88 games in a row, which is a North American record. It earned them a spot in the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame.

    • The Winnipeg Falcons were the world’s first hockey team to win a gold medal at the Antwerp 1920 Olympic Games.

6. Spectator Spectacular

We’ve been home to the CFL’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers football since 1930. And you can park yourself in some of the finest seats in Canada to see the Winnipeg Goldeyes baseball team, the AHL Manitoba Moose hockey or WHL Brandon Wheat Kings hockey.

7. Is it tee time yet?

With over 125 golf courses, Manitoba is one of the most affordable places in the world to play golf. So it’s no surprise that we have one of the highest rates per capita of golfers in the country. Nearly one in three people hit the links last year.

8. Doubly honoured

Winnipeg is the only Canadian city to ever host the Pan American Games, and the second city in the world to host the event twice – once in 1967 and again in 1999.